RE/MAX Associates Recognizes the Power of Association in Northern Utah Real Estate

Layton, Utah – March 9th 2024 – In the dynamic landscape of real estate, the company you keep can often shape your trajectory. Ashley Wolthuis, a prominent figure in Northern Utah real estate, acknowledges this truth, affirming, “People you choose to associate with determine a lot of where you’re going in life.”

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, RE/MAX Associates has set a standard of experience that surpasses many brokerages in Utah. This dedication to expertise has culminated in a team of exceptional agents who embody the values of skill, knowledge, care, and hard work.

The team at RE/MAX Associates extends its heartfelt gratitude to its esteemed colleagues, acknowledging the invaluable opportunity to work alongside some of the most proficient and dedicated professionals in the industry. Together, they exemplify the epitome of excellence, consistently delivering unparalleled service and results to clients throughout Northern Utah.

Among the roster of remarkable agents are individuals who stand out for their outstanding contributions:

  • Art Bingham
  • Matthew Bingham
  • Jasen Dowdy
  • Stephen Dredge
  • Cade Erickson
  • Daniel Frandsen
  • Ryan Ivie
  • Rodger Jessop
  • Scott Jessop
  • Lorraine Neville
  • Brennan Norman
  • Matt Peterson
  • Mat Register
  • Norman Robbins
  • Kelly Shuldberg
  • Blake Smithing
  • Adam Speth
  • Chet Thompson
  • Brooke Elle Waters
  • Kelly Waters
  • Josh Wilson
  • Ashley Wolthuis
  • Sonia Zisumbo

Additionally, the SLC Board members recognized for their exceptional contributions include:

  • Sue Benson
  • Brandon Calton
  • Mindie Dalley
  • Robert Farnsworth
  • Steve Johnson
  • Dave Winters

And from the Utah Central Board, the outstanding individuals are:

  • Kirsten Bascom
  • Jennifer Belliston
  • Allison Booth
  • Esther Clarke
  • Brynn Ferguson
  • Devin Haub
  • Luke Kockniuk
  • Erin Mehler
  • Jechelle Secretan
  • Joshua Sterling

These individuals represent the pinnacle of professionalism and dedication in the real estate industry, and their collective efforts continue to elevate RE/MAX Associates as a leading force in Northern Utah.

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