1. Trust in yourself
“The first lesson my dad instilled in me is don’t create stories in your head. That can be worded thousands of different ways, but it always comes back to maintaining a strong mentality and mindset,” Chase shares. “Early on in my career, I worried about bothering prospective clients by reaching out to them so often. I’d even tell myself, ‘If they really wanted to sell, they would call me back.’ But my dad would remind me to stop getting caught up in what-if situations – as a REALTOR®, my job is to set the appointment. And when I finally got rid of the negative mindset and worry, I started focusing on business goals and trusting myself.”

Chase helps his team members feel confident in their business endeavors with that same reminder.

“Mindset is really important, and I teach my agents to not get hung up on negativity. A positive mindset is essential in working toward any goal, whether it’s finding one new qualified buyer every day or setting one appointment each day,” he says.

2. Think bigger
John’s admirable work ethic and top producer status have always inspired Chase to set big goals.

“I’ve learned that you can’t limit yourself. My dad was the reason why I started selling more homes, conducting more business, and outperforming others, especially back when I was newer to the business. This desire to think bigger about my business developed because I surrounded myself with top-producing agents – like my dad,” Chase explains.

“It took a long time for me to buy into the idea that I could drastically increase how much business I conduct. However, it all came to fruition. My success – and that of my team – wouldn’t have happened without my dad’s encouragement.”

To Chase, thinking bigger means setting big goals – but also taking steps each day to work toward them. He implements this philosophy among his team.

“We focus on team culture and working in a fun environment. We also prioritize spending as much time as possible on income-producing activities,” he says. “REALTORS® are busy all day, but sometimes those activities aren’t moving them closer to larger production goals. Being extremely strategic about one’s use of time can help agents achieve more.”

3. Take more action
“My dad is a natural go-getter. I’ve always been detail-oriented and good at following a process, but I used to be afraid of taking risks and possibly making mistakes,” Chase reflects. “After a year of being in the business, I stepped back and said, ‘He’s selling 10 times the number of listings that I am. Who am I to be afraid of small failures, embarrassing myself, taking chances, or trying new things in order to reach and help many more people?’”

This moment directed Chase away from fretting over the potential of making mistakes, and instead helped him focus on being authentic in business.

“I’ve learned to not get too hung up on the small things or to think everything has to be perfect,” he says.

The Ames Team has big plans ahead in 2023 – and effective leadership from Chase, fueled by the wisdom learned from his dad, will continue to pave the way. “So much of what I’ve learned in my career has been from my dad’s experience in the real estate industry and his willingness to teach me his ways,” Chase says. “I have him to thank for everything.”